Boston Cream Pie Trikes

Our Roots

Back in 2014 when we started Boston Cream Pie Company food trucks were all the rage. The problem was, food trucks cost a lot of money. We decided to get a food trike instead! It was less expensive and better for the environment. Also a food trike would be more fun to ride! 

Our first trike "Oregon"


We always get Lots of questions about our trike.  The trike was made by the great people at Icicle Tricycle and yes it is very fun to ride!

We have even given the trike a name. We call it “Oregon”. Maybe because it was born in Portland, Oregon or maybe because customers would ask where we were selling our pies and the crazy guy who always sat in the park with us would say “Oh E Gone for the day”. Either way the name stuck.

Come on down and say Hi to Oregon and maybe you can ring our famous bell.

Fun Facts about Oregon the Trike:

  • Oregon’s cooler box can hold 90 of our Boston Cream Pies!
  • The cooler box on the front of Oregon keeps pies chilled by the use of dry ice. No power needed for our pies to be cool.
  • Oregon has 7 speeds, yet we never ride Oregon faster than around 5 MPH. Oregon gets a little hard to control in the Boston traffic when full of Boston Cream Pies!
  • The longest trip that Oregon has ever been on was a 1.7 mile ride through a golf course for a charity event! Most of the time Oregon just takes small trips to be locked up at night or to be stored in the back of a truck.

Our Second Trike "Sparkle"

 Business was good, so good that we got a second trike. We named it Sparkle and got a spot to sell our pies at the Visitors Center on the Boston Common. Boston Cream Pie Company now had two trikes. We also started to do catering and birthday parties with our trikes. If you want a trike to come to your home or business we can always arrange that. Nothing beats having us for your Friday work treat or your child's birthday!